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                  About Sandra Binns

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                  So far Sandra Binns has created 92 blog entries.

                  Crayons for Kibale

                  Help school children in Uganda learn about elephants, conservation, and their natural heritage. Due to the global pandemic and COVID-19, students participating in the Kibale Forest Schools Program are lacking supplies. When they could sit together in a schoolroom they could share crayons and other school […]

                  Crayons for Kibale2020-11-10T08:39:29-07:00

                  We met our goal!

                  We met our goal!

                  Because of all of you, our wonderful supporters, the International Elephant Foundation has reached our goal to provide a Toyota Land Cruiser for the wildlife rangers in Murchison Falls National Park.

                  The truck is currently being ordered and we will keep you informed […]

                  We met our goal!2020-09-27T09:44:21-06:00

                  Conservation Project 2021 Funding


                  The International Elephant Foundation is pleased to announce that we have received applications for Asian and African elephant conservation initiatives for funding in 2021.? The deadline to submit was September 7, 2020.

                  The International Elephant Foundation is pleased to […]

                  Conservation Project 2021 Funding2020-09-08T11:56:51-06:00

                  Pandemic and Lockdown Impacts on Conservation in Sumatra

                  The dense lowland forests in the north of the island of Sumatra hold some of the world’s most magnificent, rare, and unique animals and some of the most dedicated people devoted to their preservation. Working out of 7 base camps throughout Aceh Province, the Conservation Response Unit (CRU) teams of skilled, conservation-management trained mahouts and their elephants are the frontline workers protecting wildlife and habitat. And they need our help.

                  Pandemic and Lockdown Impacts on Conservation in Sumatra2020-05-30T19:13:52-06:00

                  How COVID-19 Hurts Elephants

                  One of the words we keep hearing these days is "uncertain". We live in "uncertain times", the future of businesses is "uncertain", and even the future of conservation is "uncertain". With this uncertainty comes a need for people to understand how our world is changing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

                  How COVID-19 Hurts Elephants2020-07-10T20:39:30-06:00
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